Jun 2, 2009

Video chats about advertising, twitter, blogging and media issues

At the beginning of May, I was invited to discuss media challenges with a group of German journalists and political people. They were in the US participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program, organized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The TV journalist Richard Gutjahr filmed a small part of the conversation and posted two videos on YouTube that I just discovered (not YouTube, the videos ;). So here they are.

Today, I spent a few interesting hours with Michel Levy-Provençal (head of multimedia at the French 24 hour TV news channel, France 24), Karine Broyer (editor of France 24' website) and Vincent Roux (editor of the international French radio channel website: RFI). Here is another video (in French).

Disclosure: We consult for France 24 and RFI.