Jan 15, 2011

The concept of the embed article or "why not let everybody copy and paste your content"

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Years ago, I remember having a conversation, around illegal content reproduction, with a media executive at a very large media company. He was worried because his content was all over the place on the net but often people were not paying to reproduce it.

I remember telling him: "You can see this as an issue. Or, you can take advantage of it. At least try. Be all over the web, at the end of the day, it's not bad news."

Yes, why not take advantage of it by "attaching monetization" to your content? How? As you can see in this page (some links are active) with The Huffington Post example, there are many different ways to do it:

#1- By driving traffic back to your site using links on:
- the headline
- the image or video
- the comments
- other headlines
- tags
- newsletter subscription

#2- By embedding:
- a banner at the top
- sponsored links on the side
- e-commerce carousel at the bottom

So, at the end of the day, why not let people embed any articles from your site on their website/blog? Why not make that very easy, like You Tube, for example, is making it very simple to embed any video on any site (while embedding advertising in the video)?

I am sure they are many other ways to "attach" monetization in an embedded article. What are your ideas? What do you think? Any SEO issue with this concept?

On our side, we are going to try the concept with our news site for kids: Kiddoki.

UPDATE: Why not share revenue between the source of the content and the site that reproduces it. Maybe there is a service to create around this concept. A service that would be in charge of advertising and revenue sharing.


  1. THe biggest SEO issue is duplicate content.

    Anyone can copy your content, so how Google can know with one is the original one ?

    Maybye using iframe or RSS but you loose any control on your content ...

  2. @amaury Obviously, I'm not thinking just copying and pasting. RSS is one solution. Second option java script embed.

  3. Great vision Jeff... I think old school media are too often way too conservative and lack not only creativity but technical knowledge... They often only deal with Internet as a threat and not as an opportunity that offcourse require new models and experiment...