Feb 21, 2011

Reinforcing our Django/Python and Symfony teams

We are happy to welcome, to the RevSquare team, two very talented developers: Adam Zielinski and Tomasz Roszko.

Adam is a Symfony, as well as a Django expert. He has been working with the Symfony framework for the past five years and with Django for the past three years.

Tomasz is a Python specialist. He has been working with Django since the beginning, four years ago. He is also very comfortable with PHP and C++. He has a M.A. M Sc. from Bialystok University (Poland). He is a big fan of his local soccer team: Jagiellonia Białystok. He is also a proud father of three.

For the past three years, the RevSquare development team has been focusing on Django/Python, Symfony and Drupal. Even if the team also has expertise in other technology like: HTML 5, iPhone/iPad, Flash/Flex, Joomla, Cake, Magento and Mongo DB.

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