Dec 11, 2007

Poland: Media Regionalne websites passed the 1 million unique monthly visitors

Congratulations to Media Regionalne websites team, they have passed the 1 million monthly unique visitors. In a little bit more than one year, they have tripled their traffic. They are now ranked among the fourteen largest news websites in Poland.

Media Regionalne are publishing twelve websites. They are covering local news and are the online arms of their print publications. is one of them.

5W Mignon-Media
is happy to have helped the Media Regionalne websites team on the rethinking of their websites in 2006.


  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I don't read polish, but I don't see any advertising on website
    They tripled trafic, but what's their business-model ?
    Thank you

  2. @Hervé
    There is advertising on their sites. Like banners at the top and on the side. And it's their model.