Dec 13, 2007

Skyrock, a major French radio station, is now making more money with its online operation than with the radio

It is big news. The leading French radio station for teens and young adults, Skyrock, is making more money online than on the air. Just five years after they launched their site. The radio is expecting 15 million in annual revenue. The online revenue will surpass it.

In 2002, Skyrock launched a blog platform: Skyblog. The service quickly picked up. Today, they claim 12.4 million active blogs and 20.4 million registered users. The radio station has 3.7 million daily listeners. Remember that France has 60 million inhabitants. It makes it even more impressive.

Their blog platform, alone, is valued at $450 million.

The lesson is BIG. It shows that certain traditional media can, if they make the right moves and invest now for the future, make more money online than with their traditional business. Of course, it is not going to be true for everybody. But, Skyrock is demonstrating to the numerous skeptics that it is possible.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Hi Jeff,
    big news ! I like the idea that when you're able to take some risk you can win.

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Déjà en 2006 c'était une machine à cracher du cash ! 28,8% de rentabilité financière (EBE/Actif) pour un CA de 12,5 Meuros en 2006 !!!

    Au passage, je vous conseille le site des bilans gratuits des Echos ( il y a même les ratios disponibles... la société qui exploite SkyRock s'appelle TELEFUN si vous voulez vous amuser ;)

  3. Merci pour l'info Jean-François

  4. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Oooops !! Why did I answered in French ??? Sorry for that 8->