Mar 4, 2009

Le Post (2): a successful and innovative news site that mixes pro and am content

You asked more questions about, the French news site, Le Post. Thanks. I tried to summarize them and asked Benoît. So, here is the update.

What do you think you're doing right that explains the success of Le Post ?
BR: First of all, flexibility is our religion. We are always experimenting with new stuff and failure is part of the deal. We are building the site brick by brick, with small projects that we test and can quickly stop if they are not working. Our site is organized around three concepts:
1- We are using the strengths of network and viralness. This way, we can be up to speed quickly on news or information that starts buzzing.
2- We take advantage of the fragmentation of information. We are not focused on the home page and we consider that each page is a potential HP. Also, we work the content with the SEO in mind.
3- We are taking care of our community. Readers are major contributors, so the content reflects their interests.

What is your secret (if any) to have amateurs contributing?
Once again, we take great care of our community. All our journalists are community managers. They manage, stimulate and provoke, non stop, the am. They are engaged in a permanent conversation with the community members [remember there are six journalists for 25,000 members].

What type of subjects are am contributing the most ?
In order: politics, crimes and accidents, web/buzz subjects, montages and collages with news content, and testimonies.

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