Mar 26, 2009

Media and advertizing challenge (2): IBM study reveals a "growing rift between advertisers, consumers and content owners"

Following my previous post on how it is going to be more and more challenging for media to keep their advertising revenue, IBM just published a study insisting on the "growing rift between advertisers and content owners, media distributors and agencies". (tx to Eric Scherer)

In, Mansha Daswani writes: "To succeed—especially in the current economic environment—media companies will need to develop a new set of capabilities to support the industry's evolving demands which include micro targeting, real-time ROI measurement and cross-platform integration." [...] "Advertisers are following consumers to new platforms; the study indicates that 63 percent of global CMOs expect to increase interactive/online marketing spend while 65 percent expect to decrease traditional advertising."

Full article
IBM report

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