May 30, 2006

Grande-Bretagne : les dépenses pub plus importantes sur le net que dans les quotidiens nationaux

Selon le Financial Times (ici), les dépenses publicitaires 2006 sur le net en Grande-Bretagne devraient être plus importantes que celles dans la presse quotidienne nationale. C'est ce qu'expliquerait une rapport de Group M. "The internet will this year overtake national newspapers to become the third biggest advertising medium by spend…" écrit Carlos Grande, du FT.

Et d'ajouter : "By the end of 2007, internet advertising will close the gap on regional newspapers, the number two medium, but will still be well short of television, the biggest outlet in the £12bn-a-year media advertising market."

John Fine, de Business Week, commente : "What really caught my eye, though, is Group M's expectation that 13.3% of all UK ad spending will go to the Web this year. That's about twice as much as the Web will get in the US this year, if I recall the figure from a recent Merrill Lynch analyst report correctly. (And which I'd quote from if I hadn't stupidly deleted.)"

(source : FT et Business week via Jeff Jarvis)

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